Because Olivier loves wine, 

he helps you:


Wine Sourcing

Develop a range of wines that is balanced and well-calibrated, delight and surprise, anticipate the market, understand the vintages, assess wines and their evolution over time. Wine sourcing requires continually updated experience in the vineyards.

Olivier Poussier consults with restaurants, airlines, wine businesses (on-line and traditional wine merchants), importers of French and foreign wines and others, for their wine purchasing. He is demanding, on the leading edge and highly precise in his choices of wines, compositions of wine lists, and creation of wine ranges.


Sensorial analysis

Easy-to-drink wines or elite wines – how to understand them, what orientation to take?
What wine for what market?

And what will we be drinking tomorrow?.

Olivier Poussier works with the estates, the appellations and the actors on sensorial analysis of wine, ranges and orientation of technical choices. He evaluates the quality of wine and assists in deciphering the current and long-term trends in the world of wine and analysing the expectations of the clientele.



Media Exposure

Wine contains the magic of transformation, of work harmoniously forged between man, nature, plants and soil, history and culture. He talks about this magic, transforms it into words that come alive and can be shared.

As a storyteller, he talks about wine with his heart and conveys emotion. He uses just the right words to capture the essence of the wine and describe the tastes. To conjure up the images that convey the message. In a word, he shares his love of a wine, a grape variety, an appellation. If the quality is there, he can express it. .


Master class & Major event

To bring together the right wine with the right food, you need knowledge, daring and a lot of pleasure.

Whether for a tasting, a master class or a major event, Olivier Poussier’s enthusiasm is contagious.

Olivier Poussier is an Epicurean. He recommends leading-edge gastronomic food and wine pairings – alliances that are subtle, charming, full of character. His choices leave no one indifferent. They stimulate curiosity and awaken our ability to feel the emotion.

Provision of Service

Wine and food pairings – Food and beverage pairings – Sensorial analyses of wine and spirits – Blends – Wine Lists – Wine purchasing – Sourcing -Constituting & assessing wine cellars  – Tasting  – Master Class – Media coverage – Training for sommeliers and kitchen teams – Selecting fine wines – Serving wines –

Delight and Share

Air Tahiti Nui is an international airline based in French Polynesia serving the United States (Los Angeles), France (Paris), New Zealand (Auckland) and Japan (Tokyo).

OPC Expertise: • Sourcing Wine and Spirits for the on-board wine cellar in Business and Premium classes • ATN-OPC Co-branding• Media events • Training for cabin crew

All Nippon Airways is an international airline based in Tokyo and serving 87 international destinations and 112 destinations in Japan.

OPC Expertise: • Sourcing Wine and Spirits, pre-selection and final selection •Sensorial analyses •Co-Branding • Video casting for the cabin crew

Les Terrasses du Larzac, AOC Coteaux du Languedoc in 2004. 32 towns, north-central area of the French county of Hérault. 60 winegrowers.

OPC Expertise: • Accompany the growing reputation of this young appellation, represent the quality of the wines made in the appellation and the diversity of the terroirs. • Press lunches and Master classes

Fully Grand Cru is a grouping of 22 impassioned wine-growers based in Valais (Switzerland) in the heart of a magnificent growing area planted in terraces.

OPC Expertise: • Work Fully Grand Cru on its objective for renown in Switzerland and on the export market • Consult with the wine-growers on this quest for quality • Master class for the general public and for wine-lovers • Media relations

The Bourgogne Wine Board (BIVB). 300 wine-trading firms, 17 Cooperative cellars, over 3900 wine estates. Working on outreach actions with professional audiences and wine-lovers (knowledge and reputation of the wines)

OPC Expertise: • Creation of training tools for Burgundy wine matches with food designed for annual training of wine merchants and F&B professionals. Wine pairings with French and foreign gastronomy.

AR Lenoble is a family-held firm located in the heart of the Champagne area, in the villages of Chouilly (Chardonnay on chalky soils), Bisseuil (Pinot noir on chalky terroir) and Damery (Pinot Meunier on clayey-chalky soil).

OPC Expertise requested for: • Press lunches, Presentation of cuvées & pairings with Asian cuisine. • Professional lunches for Sommeliers • Comments, food & wine pairings with exceptional Champagne cuvées

Green Chartreuse liqueur has been made by the monks in the Carthusian order since 1767. Chartreuse is made from 130 different plants. Since November 2017, Chartreuse has also been distilled on the site of Aiguenoire in Entre-deux-Guiers.

OPC Expertise: • Organoleptic analysis of the liqueurs by the Carthusian Fathers – yellow liqueurs, green liqueurs and VEP-

Marrenon is a group of growers in the Luberon: 650 wine-growers, 7 cooperatives and some twenty brands, two AOC: Aoc Luberon and AOC Ventoux. The challenge: Upselling decided, transition from mass distribution to traditional distribution.

OPC Expertise: Communications actions for traditional distribution. Selection and presentation of Marrenon premium wines to sommeliers, wine merchants and restauranteurs. Presentations in Lille, Marseille, Lyon and Paris

EDF Deutschland: Gala evening to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the Elysée Treaty between West Germany and France. The objective: define the theme to celebrate the friendship and proximity of the two countries.

OPC Expertise: identify a range of French-German wines. Food and wine pairings. Lead Oenology event for 200 in Berlin

Heineken: Challenge: develop consumption of beer and place beer on the dining table.

OPC Expertise: • Contribution to the Beer at the Table program deployed by Heineken. Work on the best Beer and Food pairings. Presentation of beer and food pairings to professionals (traditional F&B) and to the general public. Pairings with Abbey beers.

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Luding ldt: Number-two importer of wine in Russia, Luding is looking to differentiate itself by offering, in its selection, a range of leading wines that is very hard to find in Russia.

OPC Expertise: • Sourcing of French wines for the Russian market. • Contacts with the wine-growers. • Master class for wine merchants and traditional F&B in Moscow and Saint Petersburg

Valade & Transandine: One of the leading importers and distributers of non-French wines in France, importing and distributing to wine merchants, F&B and wine lovers. Valade et Transandine is specialised in wines from South America (Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Uruguay, Mexico…), South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and Europe…

OPC Expertise: • Sourcing of wine, selection and creation of descriptions and tasting comments. • Use of name in the product catalogue. • Presence in media operations.Your Content Goes Here

Jas Hennessy , Château de Bagnolet: • Audit of the wine cellar at the Château de Bagnolet Guest House. • Assessment of wines, cellar equilibrium, procurement, • Assessment of clientele requirements. • Food and Wine pairings for the seasonal menus

Marketing Agencies: • C.Ontivéro • DDB Entertainment • Egg in the Nest • FH Conseil •  Force 4 • Global Com • HD Events • K-Eva • K-Public Relations • Lafayette Travel • Organum • Profive • Rouge Granit • Venise Evènement • VFC • Zoulou Production • Publicis

OPC Expertise: • Special Events Operations & media exposure: master class, œnological events • Identification of Wine Themes, wine sourcing, food and wine pairings • Gastronomic establishments, solutions • Supervision of wine service and team

Taransaud:  Founded in 1932 by Roger Taransaud, the cooperage belongs to the firm CHENE & Cie. It produces and sells barrels and tanks in French oak.

OPC Expertise: • Organoleptic analysis of wines raised on wood • Winemaker – cooper – sommelier feedback and experience exchange • Special events operations for clientele and sales teams OPC Expertise: • Wine Sourcing, • tastings • selections • media exposure

Vinotrip is specialised in wine tourism and offers wine-tourism packages and weekends on the wine roads, to visit estates and meet the winemakers.

OPC Expertise: •create wine-tourism stays approved and signed by Olivier Poussier

And more…

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